Cadillac House
Generative Design Tools for Soho Flagship
Cadillac’s move to downtown NYC directly engages the carmaker with the district’s influential creative community, and Cadillac House is the physical embodiment of the brand’s cultural alignment with the world of design, fashion and art.

Gensler’s brand and architecture studios envisioned an open, multi-purpose space, with tightly integrated technology that materializes the brand’s design language. A colonnade of glass, mirror and digital displays greets visitors at the sidewalk on Hudson street, and continues indoors, leading to a brand wall at the end of a runway populated by concept cars, latest models, and occasionally by fashion models.

AV&C designed and created a generative media content creation engine that utilizes Cadillac’s rich photo archive from print ads going back decades, to current commercial b-roll footage, and color selections, along with a myriad of layout and behavior selections to create on brand animations composed for this architecturally-unique 18 column space.
Role: Experience Design, UX, Software Direction
Produced by: Gensler & AV&C

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