Immersive and Contemplative Installation for Day for Night
For the inaugural Day for Night festival, AV&C’s Vincent Houzé, Stephen Baker and David Bianciardi created lull – an immersive and contemplative installation that explores the liminal state between conscious and unconscious.

In the center of an unlit 6,000-square-foot warehouse, waves of liquid light undulate wistfully across the walls of a semitransparent triangular structure. Simple rules shape this ever-evolving animation, giving rise to organic abstracted patterns with complex behavior that teeter between order and chaos. Immersed in layers of distant melodies that reverberate in sync with the surging fluid, as well as in a dense plume of fog that extends and blurs the light within, visitors dip in and out of the sculpture as if in a dream.
Role: Concept, Design Direction, Generative Soundtrack
Produced by: AV&C

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