Kinetic Light Installation
AV&C + Vincent Houzé rejoined forces in 2016 to create phases – a new kinetic light and sound installation premiered at the Day for Night festival December 17th & 18th, 2016 in Houston, TX.

Exploring light as a kinetic sculptural medium, phases is composed of robotic mirrors that scatter a kaleidoscope of projected beams around a circular scrim enclosed space filled with a generative musical score.

21 motorized mirrors are arranged in a triangular assembly, and mounted overhead in the center of a 30′ diameter circular space with scrim walls. Real-time generative graphics are created by algorithms that also control the choreography of the mirrors, and trigger parts of the procedural soundtrack. Precise control over the mirrors allows focusing all the light beams on a single point, or dramatically sweeping patterns 360 degrees across the scrim walls of the room.

The installation is experienced from several vantage points. At a distance, the beams travel well beyond the circular space, extending hundreds of feet into the surrounding volume. On the scrim walls, the projected patterns resolve out of the beams and are revealed as coherent visual imagery. Inside the scrim perimeter visitors can look directly up into the mirror array, where the light-folding sculptural object becomes a glittering hub between light sources and destinations.

The live, evolving soundtrack is triggered via the interplay of the mirror movements and projected animation. A cycling array of low frequency phrases, echo laden notes and stochastic percussion create a mechanical and precise soundtrack tightly tied to the choreography of the sculpture. The multi-channel soundtrack is spatialized throughout the installation allowing precise placement of sounds around the 360 degree sound field.
Role: Concept, Creative Direction, Generative Score
Produced by: AV&C

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